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VMware VCAD510 Dumps

VMware Certified Associate - Data Center Virtualization
VMware Certified Associate - Data Center Virtualization

Questions & Answers for VMware VCAD510

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Question #1

Which vSphere feature allows for more efficient storage usage?

A. Snapshots

B. Fast Provisioning

C. Thin Provisioning

D. Storage vMotion


Question #2

You are explaining virtualization to your manager when he asks you to explain the term
"hypervisor". Which of the following statements best describes the function of the

A. A CPU emulator that translates old programming code into new CPU instructions.

B. Software responsible for allocating hardware resources to a virtual machine.

C. Software that simulates different operating systems.

D. A monitoring application installed within virtual machines.

Question #3

What is a virtual switch used to do? (Choose two.)

A. Replace physical switches to save money.

B. Connect VMs to the physical network.

C. Connect the ESXi OS to the physical network.

D. Connect to Fibre Channel storage.


Question #4

You are a consultant and you have been contacted to assist in the planning for a new
VMware environment. The client is concerned about the complete loss of a datacenter and
the loss of production time. What option can you offer them to help resolve their concerns?

A. vSphere Replication

B. High Availability (HA)

C. vSphere Data protection (vDP)

D. Site Recovery Manager


Question #5

What might you tell your boss to convince him to start datacenter virtualization?

A. Servers will generate less heat

B. Your users can self-provision servers

C. You will save on power

D. You can't physically touch virtual machines

Question #6

You have a vSphere cluster managed by vCenter. One of the VMs is running a critical
application that is very sensitive to unplanned or sudden reboots. You wish to protect this
VM from potential data loss. Which of the following features will help you?

A. vSphere Replication

B. Fault Tolerance (FT)

C. High Availability (HA)

D. vMotion


Question #7

You are a consultant and your newest client is concerned about the visibility of
performance and capacity related information to help them manage their new VMware
environment more efficiently. Which of the following will enable them to be proactive in their

A. Scheduled PowerShell scripts to gather performance data

B. vCenter Operations Manager (vC OPS)

C. vCenter advanced performance charts

D. vCenter Site Recovery Manager


Question #8

You are the VMware architect for Mason Public Library. This customer deployed a VMware
environment several years ago, in the form of 3 stand-alone servers, each with 6 600GB
internal SAS drives. The environment has been working well, but they are concerned about
the ability to access their virtual machines in the event of a failure to one of their servers.
They do not have the additional budget for a new shared storage array. Which of the
following is a recommended option to help them achieve higher availability?

A. Power off each virtual machine and copy them to a single server

B. Deploy vCenter Server and deploy the vSphere Storage Appliance

C. Use Storage vMotion to move all of the VMs to a single server

D. Configure CPU affinity to increase CPU access for each virtual machine


Question #9

You work for a chain of grocery stores. For performance reasons, you want to run each
store from VMs located at the store, but you can only afford one server per store. You want
to make sure that in the event the server fails that the store can run from a VM at the
corporate headquarters instead with minimal downtime. Which solution provides this

A. High Availability

B. Data Protection

C. vSphere Replication

D. vMotion


Question #10

You are the System Administrator for your organization and you have received an SNMP
alert that states that one of your ESXi servers has suffered a fan failure and will
automatically shut down in 2 minutes. This particular host is currently hosting a virtual
machine that is running an enterprise application that cannot be down for any length of
time. Which vSphere technology could help in this situation?
A. Fault Tolerance (FT)
B. vSphere Distributed Switch (vDS)
C. Storage vMotion
D. vSphere Data Protection


Question #11

You are the VMware administrator for your local hospital. A fellow administrator has asked
what role a datastore plays in the environment. Which of the following is a good definition
of a datastore?

A. A datastore is used by the hypervisor to swap local memory content if needed

B. A datastore is used as the destination for the core dump file

C. A datastore is used by the hypervisor to store logs and performance data

D. A datastore is where virtual machine's files are stored

Question #12

You are the administrator for your company's VMware deployment. You have noticed that
one of the datastores has two drives that are reporting excessive read errors. You would
like to replace these failing drives, but cannot take the virtual machines offline at this point.
Which technology would provide a solution to the problem?

A. Storage vMotion

B. vSphere APIs for Array Integration (VAAI)

C. vSphere APIs for Storage Awareness (VASA)

D. Storage Profiles

Question #13

You are the CIO. The VP of manufacturing tells you that an old DOS application is critical
to the assembly line and that if it goes down, it takes 8 hours to restart the assembly line.
The CEO has told you that is unacceptable and has asked you to find a solution that will
prevent downtime. Which vSphere feature meets that requirement?

A. Fault Tolerance (FT)

B. High Availability (HA)

C. Data Protection (DP)

D. vMotion


Question #14

Your manager comes and asks you how the VMs will be able to connect to the outside
world. You explain that there are two ways to connect to the network in vSphere. Which
two options can be used for this purpose? (Choose two.)

A. Distributed Switch

B. Standard Switch

C. Virtual router

D. Enhanced Switch


Question #15

What is a scalability challenge that vSphere can address?

A. Change management processes are simplified

B. Automatic balancing of virtual machines after adding new physical servers

C. Easier disaster recovery processes

D. Users have self-service provisioning of virtual machine workloads

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