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Symantec ST0-149 Exam - Storage Foundation and HA 6.0 Windows Technical Assessment

Questions & Answers for Symantec ST0-149

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Question #1

Support asked an administrator to collect logs for a resource type. Which attribute needs
to be set?

A. AgentDbg

B. LogDbg

C. AdvDbg

D. Debug

Question #2

What is a benefit of an active/passive cluster configuration?

A. It is more efficient in terms of hardware utilization.

B. It is the simplest and most reliable.

C. Failover performance is faster than a symmetric cluster.

D. Failover performance is faster than an asymmetric cluster.

Question #3

An administrator wants to install the Microsoft Failover Cluster Option in a Microsoft
Failover Cluster where Veritas Storage Foundation for Windows is already installed. Which
installation method should be used to minimize application downtime?

A. install in active nodes of the cluster first, then passive nodes

B. install in passive nodes of the cluster first, then active nodes

C. install in all cluster nodes simultaneously

D. install in all cluster nodes using repair install option

Question #4

A service group is online with values for both Frozen and TFrozen set to 0. A child resource
faults and Veritas Cluster Server (VCS) fails to bring down the configured parent resources.
Which default attribute value should be investigated?

A. FaultPropagation

B. ManageFaults

C. Critical

D. ToleranceLimit

Question #5

What is required to make a fileshare highly available?

A. The fileshare must be created first.

B. The volumes must be mounted to a mountpoint.

C. The fileshare wizard must be run on the active node.

D. The fileshare wizard must be run on an inactive node.

Question #6

How can an administrator create a new service group in a running cluster using Cluster

A. select File, Add, and then Service Group

B. select Tools, Add, and then Service Group

C. select View, Add, and then Service Group

D. select Edit, Add, and then Service Group

Question #7

Refer to the service group definition displayed below.
group SG1 ( SystemList = { SystemA, SystemB } AutoStartList = { SystemA } ) FileOnOff
tmp_file01_txt ( PathName = "C:\\tmp\\file01.txt" )
Which service group attribute should an administrator consider for Veritas Cluster Server
(VCS) to ignore resource failures within the service group SG1?

A. ManualOps

B. ManageFaults

C. IntentOnline

D. Responding

Question #8

The latest cumulative patches can be downloaded from which location?





Question #9

An administrator notices that the Intelligent Monitoring Framework (IMF) is disabled for one
of the IMF-aware agents. What are two benefits of enabling IMF versus traditional poll-
based monitoring? (Select two.)

A. reduction in system resource utilization

B. automatic restart of the faulted resource

C. faster notification of resource state changes

D. ability to trap the Windows service related events

E. ability to obtain error information directly from the HBA

Question #10

A non-critical print share resource unexpectedly goes offline in an online service group on
the SysA system. What will be the state of the service group on SysA?





Question #11

Which Veritas Storage Foundation and High Availability Solutions 6.0 for Windows
installation option reduces the time it takes for storage objects to move from one server to
another in a cluster?

A. FlashSnap

B. Volume Replicator (VVR)

C. Fast Failover

D. Global Cluster Option (GCO)

Question #12

An administrator needs to reduce the time a resource has remained online without
encountering problems such that previous faults and restart attempts are ignored by the
agent. Which agent type attribute needs to be tuned?

A. ConfInterval

B. ToleranceLimit

C. RestartLimit

D. RetryInterval

Question #13

Which protocol is responsible for maintaining cluster membership?

A. High Availability Daemon (HAD)

B. Global Atomic Broadcast (GAB)

C. Low Latency Transport (LLT)

D. Veritas Cluster Server Communications (VCSCOMMS)

Question #14

An administrator wants to set the fault behavior of a cluster to allow a faulting application
three tries to online the faulted resource on the same node. Which attribute is used to set
the controlling fault behavior?

A. MonitorInterval

B. ToleranceLimit

C. ConfInterval

D. RestartLimit

Question #15

A mirrored volume displays a status of Degraded. What should be checked to determine
the cause of this state?

A. whether the volume is regenerating

B. whether the volume has lost fault tolerance

C. whether the volume is being formatted

D. whether the volume has started resynchronizing


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