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IBM M9060-719 Dumps

Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure Storage Sales Mastery Test v5
Cloud and Smarter Infrastructure Storage Sales Mastery Test v5

Questions & Answers for IBM M9060-719

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Question #1

What is an example of Server Hypervisor?


B. Hypervisor for Windows and o/s2

C. VMware

D. SAN Volume Controller

Question #2

Your Prospect is NOT interested in changing their competitive backup/recovery product.
What should you do?

A. Ask how long they've owned their software(s) and if they can confidently recover their data as quickly as needed and are ready to handle their growth for next 3 years

B. Ask about their deduplication ratios and their encryption needs to comply with PCI and HIPAA regulations that require change

C. Offer a Butterfly analysis to help them see their environment including current and future total costs of running backup/recovery.

D. A and C

Question #3

TSM added software Distribution to its base product to support all but which of the following


B. Citrix XenServer

C. Linux


Question #4

Which vendor has the lowest TCO and uses less server, storage and network infrastructure
resources to deliver proven backup/recovery?



C. Symantec

D. CommVault

Question #5

What Common capabilities does a storage Hypervisor NOT provide?

A. I/O Caching

B. Automated Tiering

C. Application aware snapshot

D. Encryption

Question #6

What does pooling the physical resources mean?

A. Disk can be used anywhere, at any time, regardless of vendor

B. You will be locked into IBM disk

C. Once your data is written to disk it cannot be moved again

D. Data will be secure and encrypted

Question #7

When doing a POC against CommVault, what you should suggest to make them look bad?

A. Recover synthetic backups

B. Run a full backup

C. Use the scheduler

D. Run for only 3 days

Question #8

What is IBM's Storage Hypervisor named?

A. IBM Hypervisor

B. IBM SAN Volume Controller

C. IBM SmartCloud Virtual Storage Center

D. IBM SmartCloud Virtual Storage Manager

Question #9

Which is NOT true about TSM for Virtual Environments version 7.1?

A. A Provides complete VMware data protection with the outstanding RTO and granularity

B. Instant Restore of full virtual machines and Object Level recovery within VM's

C. Could backup 1,000 Virtual Machines in 34 minutes

D. Industry leading Citrix and KVM hypervisor data protection

Question #10

When pooling resources, what will the Storage Hypervisor provide?

A. Better Utilization of physical storage

B. Allowing use of disk by any system on the network

C. Providing data quickly and easily to Virtual machines

D. All of the above

Question #11

HP Data Protector is usually:

A. Product sold with IBM hardware

B. Product sold with HP hardware

C. A product sold with EMC hardware

D. All of the above

Question #12

For what 3 main themes is TSM 7.1 now known?

A. Incremental forever, Deduplication, and Compression

B. Mobility, Flexibility, Optimization

C. Simplicity, Efficiency, and Scalability

Question #13

Which product does NOT belong to the IBM SmartCloud Virtual Storage solution?

A. Tivoli Storage Productivity Center

B. Tivoli Storage Manager

C. SAN Volume Controller

D. Tivoli Storage FlashCopy Manager

Question #14

Can EMC and HP provide the same function as a storage hypervisor?

A. Regardless type of disks

B. Regardless of the vendor of disks

C. Only on their own brand of disks

D. Only on IBM disk

Question #15

Which is NOT true about using the Butterfly Analysis?

A. It opens the door to conversations with competitively installed accounts

B. Installs agents on the backup clients to collect business information and run analytics

C. Shortens sales cycles by exposing problems and creating a sense of urgency

D. Quantifies the financial benefits of migrating from a competing solution to IBM

E. All of the above