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IBM M2020-620 Dumps

IBM Risk Analytics Sales Mastery Test v1
IBM Risk Analytics Sales Mastery Test v1

Questions & Answers for IBM M2020-620

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Question #1

Which Risk Analytics solution focuses on helping companies deliver Governance, Risk and
Compliance (GRC)?

A. Algo Liquidity

B. OpenPages

C. Algo Financial Modeler

D. Algo One


Question #2

What are two of the key weighted assessment criteria used to assess the industry solution
in the Chartis 2011 RiskTech100\ study of the top technology companies active in the risk
management market?

A. Market presence and organizational strength

B. Data handling and processing speed

C. Organizational strength and data handling

D. Processing speed and market presence

Reference: 7)

Question #3

Which one of the following is a business process that the IBM Risk Analytics portfolio is
focused on improving?

A. Deploying predictive maintenance capabilities

B. Reducing customer churn

C. Reducing the cost of compliance

D. Improving propensity analysis

Question #4

What is Market Risk?

A. It helps banks to move beyond risk management silos.

B. It is a measure of the potential for lower market values resulting in a fall in the value of assets held.

C. It is the possibility that a borrower may not repay a loan.

D. It is the manner of oversight and supervision of financial institutions.

Question #5

To create better business outcomes. Smarter Analytics helps companies turn data into
information and information into_______?

A. Intellect

B. Intelligence

C. Insight

D. Interest

5, IBM Smarter Analytics for better business outcomes)

Question #6

Which legislative driver is not covered by a solution in the IBM Risk Analytics solution set?

A. Dodd Frank

B. Sarbanes Oxley

C. Solvency II

D. Data Protection Act

Question #7

Which one of the following risk types can the Algorithmics Risk Analytics solution set help
measure, manage and mitigate?

A. Liquidity Risk

B. Information Security Risk

C. Operational Risk

D. Systems Risk

212-390(ibm algo one liquidity risk base)

Question #8

In IBM Risk Analytics, IBM studies show that setting aside additional capital made no
impact on businesses in a crisis.
What is it that has been proved to improve business survival in the same crisis scenario?

A. Additional data to work with

B. External consulting support

C. Increased market confident through evidentially better business management

D. A more dynamic acquisition strategy

Question #9

Based on feedback from IBM clients on the shifting landscape, which of the following is a
spending priority?

A. Accelerate risk management while meeting regulatory requirements.

B. Reduce the cost of new systems acquisitions.

C. Increase appointment of Risk Management head count.

D. Improve Algorithmic trading platforms.

Question #10

Which of the following is a Buy-side market segment for IBM Risk Analytics?

A. Hedge Funds

B. Banks

C. Aviation markets

D. Local Government

Question #11

Clients using Smarter Analytics are able to transition data into better business decisions to
drive better outcomes.
How does IBM Business Analytics summarize the process to drive better outcomes from

A. Align - Anticipate - Act

B. Aim - Allow - Authorize

C. Automate - Animate - Actuate

D. Anticipate - Automate - Authorize


Question #12

Which Risk Analytics solution set focuses on helping companies deliver solutions for
actuaries to be able to analyze insurance risk?

A. Algo One

B. OpenPages

C. AlgoCLM

D. Algo Financial Modeler


Question #13

According to the 2012 Gartner Magic Quadrant report for enterprise Governance. Risk and
Compliance (GRC) platforms, what is one of the key strengths identified for OpenPages?

A. Core system ability

B. Offering Strategy

C. Vertical/Industry Strategy

D. Geographic strategy

Question #14

What is one of the key benefits that IBM Risk Analytics focuses on delivering to meet the
identified industry imperatives?

A. Improved customer life cycle management

B. End to end process improvement

C. Increased customer profitability

D. Risk aware business processes

Question #15

What is a key feature of the Algo Strategic Business Planning solution?

A. Comprehensive views of the bank's risk/return status

B. Effective taxation calculations

C. Credit Life Cycle Management

D. Strategic Market Analysis