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IBM LOT-802 Dumps

IBM Lotus Notes Domino 8 System Administration Update
IBM Lotus Notes Domino 8 System Administration Update

Questions & Answers for IBM LOT-802

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Question #1

You have elected to create a marker so clients can update their reference to a database
called MARKETING.NSF. You did not select a designated destination server. Which of the
following is the result of this action?

A. The client will prompt the user to specify servers to search for a replica of the database and modify the bookmark

B. The client will search all servers in the domain for a replica of the database and modify the bookmark

C. The client will search all known cluster servers only for a replica of the database and modify the bookmark

D. The client will remove the bookmark reference for the database

Question #2

To obtain more recent information about the status of a X.509 certificate, you utilize which
of the following?





Question #3

The DB2 Access server facilitates your use of the Lotus Domino Designer view functions
for DB2. Which of the following are enabled by installing the DB2 Access server?

A. ACLs and reader lists

B. DB2 container storage

C. DB2 group locking

D. Replication

Question #4

IBM CommonStore Archive Services maintains it's own configuration database on the
Domino server. Which of the following is the name of this database?





Question #5

OCSP on the Domino server is enabled through which of the following?

A. Server configuration document

B. Certificate authority database

C. Security policy

D. Server document

Question #6

Streaming cluster replication uses which of the following to move unread marks and folder
additions to clustered servers?

A. In-memory information

B. A temporary index directory

C. Scheduled replication

D. A database titled clurep.nsf

Question #7

You are utilizing the wizard to connect Websphere Portal with a Domino 8 server. Which of
the following are a requirement for this connection to be successful?

A. HTTP must be enabled for SSL connectivity with a publicly signed certificate

B. Websphere Portal must point to a Domino LDAP server

C. Domino must be enabled for basic authentication

D. Websphere Portal must be at least version 5

Question #8

A security settings policy document was created by Henry for his organization to lock
Internet passwords after a certain number of incorrect attempts. After verifying that the
policy was correctly assigned to the users, it was still not functioning. Which of the following
next steps should he take to enable this feature?

A. Restart the server that offers the HTTP service so the policy takes effect

B. Make sure Internet password locking is enabled in the server configuration document

C. Have each user log in with an incorrect password to enable the feature

D. Create a test user account and enter incorrect passwords until the lockout takes effect. This then enables it for everyone

Question #9

A delay notification interval has been established for 5 hours. Which of the following
conditions will generate the notification?

A. An agent that did not run on schedule

B. A hung HTTP task

C. Missed replication cycles

D. Mail delayed by the server router

Question #10

Your deployed composite applications are updating on a scheduled basis. Which of the
following may a composite application reference as application requirements when
deployed to Lotus Notes 8 users?

A. Only one Eclipse feature

B. A local update.xml file

C. One or more Eclipse features

D. A remote Portal Authentication URL

Question #11

Which of the following types of requests are processed by special purpose threads in the
administration process?

A. delayed

B. interval

C. batched

D. daily

Question #12

Which of the following determines which features are available during Lotus Notes install,
update, and remove functions?

A. Smart upgrade

B. Desktop policy

C. Site.xml

D. Install manifest

Question #13

As the Domino administrator, you are in the process of integrating Websphere Portal and
Domino. To include Domino and Websphere in the same LTPA token you must perform
which of the following?

A. Place flat names in the Domino directory shared over LDAP

B. Export the LTPA token from Domino and import it intoWebsphere

C. Specify an identical SSO timeout

D. Export the LTPA token fromWebSphere and import it into Domino

Question #14

The Marble Corporation has chosen to allow users the ability to initiate Eclipse updates. In
which of the following locations do they enable this ability?

A. The server configuration document and the client notes.ini

B. The desktop policy document and the plugin_customization.ini file

C. The server document

D. The security policy document

Question #15

You are enabling a policy for the Productivity Tools. Which of the following is NOT available
to configure in this policy?

A. The ability to allow the user to run macros

B. The ability to allow the use of Productivity Tools

C. The ability to restrict attaching Productivity Tool documents

D. The ability to open SmartSuite files