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HP HP2-Z13 Dumps

Selling HP IP Telephony Solutions
Selling HP IP Telephony Solutions

Questions & Answers for HP HP2-Z13

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Question #1

You forgot to ask your boss a question in the morning meeting. How could you use
Desktop Communicator to ask your question?

A. call using the 350x Series Desktop feature

B. send a Skype message via the built-in Skype messaging system

C. text using the Desktop Communicator Instant Text feature

D. send an instant message

Question #2

Which opportunities are currently targeted by the VCX? (Select two.)

A. customers who want to purchase IP phones only

B. customers with collaboration needs

C. PBX replacement

D. multi-tenant/shared office spaces

Question #3

Which statement is true about a remote office?

A. It supports only analog phones connected by a media gateway.

B. It has full feature survivability in case of a WAN outage.

C. Users at a remote office cannot have IP messaging mailboxes.

D. There is no VCX server at the remote office.

Question #4

Which phone is the appropriate choice for a customer who requests a phone that has a
color display and the ability to support up to eight simultaneous calls?

A. 3500B IP phone

B. 3501 IP phone

C. 3502 IP phone

D. 3503 IP phone

Question #5

What is a media gateway capability of the MSR?

A. fax and modem settings

B. integration with Active Directory

C. instant messaging capabilities

D. ability to synchronize with Outlook

Question #6

Which verticals are considered poor fits for the VCX solution? (Select three.)

A. hospitality industry

B. government

C. education

D. service providers

E. military uses that require MLPP/PBX1-2/JITC certifications

F. banking

Question #7

You are trying to convince a customer to upgrade to Desktop Communicator Outlook
edition. Which features does the Outlook edition provide that the non-Outlook edition does
not? (Select two.)

A. telephony controls and instant messaging capabilities

B. access to Microsoft Windows Live Messenger buddy list

C. the ability to record calls

D. message waiting indicator

E. the ability to transfer files while in a chat session

Question #8

What is a trait of the HP VCX?

A. is intended primarily for large enterprise customers

B. provides web browser-based central administration

C. supports end-to-end H.323

D. can run on a Windows server

Question #9

Which call center product offered with VCX, supports inbound-only calling and runs on
Microsoft Windows OS?

A. EPIC Center Contact Center

B. Exchange Call Center

C. Microsoft Call Center

D. Telecommuter Contact Center

Question #10

Which statements are true about the VCX Connect and VCX Enterprise products? (Select

A. VCX Connect runs on an MS-Windows operating system and VCX Enterprise runs on a Linux operating system.

B. Both products have the same feature set and administration interface.

C. Both products use end-to-end H.323 signaling.

D. The IP Conferencing solution can be added to a VCX Connect or VCX Enterprise implementation.

Question #11

What is the maximum number of users that can be supported by a VCX Enterprise

A. 1,500

B. 5,000

C. 12,000

D. Over 20,000

Question #12

A customer has 5000 users. They have 18 remote locations that need full feature
survivability with redundancy across the WAN and centralized administration. Which VCX
solution meets the customer's requirements with the fewest number of servers?

A. VCX Connect MIM on MSR

B. VCX Connect 200

C. VCX Enterprise Classic

D. VCX Enterprise Expand

Question #13

What are features of the 3503 IP phone?

A. large back-lit grayscale display and green initiative

B. icon and text-driven menus and Linux operating system

C. two programmable calls and text-driven menus

D. Linux operating system and two programmable buttons

Question #14

A customer wants to deploy a solution with no service or feature redundancy. Which VCX
product configurations can be deployed for this customer? (Select two.)

A. VCX Connect multi-region

B. VCX Enterprise multi-region

C. VCX Connect single region

D. VCX Enterprise single region

Question #15

A client needs to be able to support 700 total devices and three branch offices. What is the
most practical VCX solution to recommend to this client?

A. VCX Connect

B. VCX Connect 200

C. VCX Enterprise Classic

D. VCX Enterprise Expand