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HP HP2-H23 Dumps

Sales Essentials of HP Workstations
Sales Essentials of HP Workstations

Questions & Answers for HP HP2-H23

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Question #1

What are the three HP workstation Pillars that you should focus on when preparing

A. innovation, security, and price

B. security, form factor, and technology

C. innovation, performance, and reliability

D. performance, security, and price

Question #2

Which HP displays are designed with IPS panel technology?

A. Value

B. Essential

C. Advantage

D. Performance

Question #3

Which HP workstation allows you to use a single power cord to power the workstation and

A. Z220

B. Z420

C. 620

D. Z1

power-without-the-tower (third paragraph)

Question #4

Many customers have ROI as part of their decision. What is a key point you should focus
on to help improve your customers ROI?

A. User productivity

B. Extended warranty

C. Low hardware cost

D. ISV certification

Question #5

What does the HP Z420 offer to improve performance and increase efficiency?

A. support for Window Vista

B. Quick Path architecture

C. ECC memory

D. support for the Linux OS

d=12454 (first bulleted point, third paragraph)

Question #6

A customer wants to know what HP offer that the competition does not. Which innovation
should you focus on with this customer?

A. Dual socket CPU capability

B. Support for up to eight displays

C. Dream Color Technology

D. Fast ECC Memory support

Question #7

What is new in the HP mobile Workstation that is consistent with HP Desktop Workstations
and will help simplify the lives of your customers IT service technicians?

A. use of the same memory modules

B. interchangeable graphic cards

C. integrated Bluetooth technology

D. tool-less chassis access

Question #8

Which benefit should you present to your customer as part of the Performance Advisor

A. Flexible graphics solutions

B. Expanded visual design capabilities

C. Optimized performance

D. Increased levels of reliability

Question #9

The healthcare market offers the opportunity to sell both PCs and workstations. Which
applications in the Healthcare market are best served with an HP Workstation?

A. medical imaging and review

B. patient records library

C. financial recordkeeping

D. medical suites and doctor officers

Question #10

Which HP IPS displays should you recommend be used with HP Workstation?

A. HP Advantage Displays

B. HP Performance Displays

C. HP Flexible Displays

D. HP Digital Signage

Question #11

Which feature on the HP 8760w Mobile Workstation helps keep a customers professional
applications running smoothly?

A. HP Performance Advisor

B. NVIDIA Graphics Card

C. Intel Quad Core Processor

D. Intel Turbo Boost Technology

Portfolio+for+Ultimate+Performance%2C+Design+and+Durability+ (On-the-go workstation-
caliber computing, 4th paragraph)

Question #12

During discovery you learn that your customer frequently runs multiple applications
concurrently and they also run multi-threaded applications. The customer wants to ensure
they are maximizing their performance. Which HP workstation feature should you present
as a part of the solution for this customer?

A. high speed and ECC Memory

B. latest high performing single core processors

C. multi-socket processor capabilities

D. high speed hard disk drivers with RAID

Question #13

Your customer is having difficulty deciding between an HP 8000 Elite Series and a Z220
Workstation solution for their design organization. They indicated that they do not see
much deference between the two solutions. What could you tell this customer that might
influence them to select the HP Z220 Workstation?

A. The HP Z220 Workstation offers a broad selection of form factors that meet designer requirements.

B. The HP Z220 Workstation has high performance Intel Processors RAID configurations that make a difference to designers.

C. The rigorous 130,000 hours of testing assures the reliability demanded by designers.

D. HP Z220 Workstation meets designer demands with a system designed to support the latest 2D/3D graphics.

states/campaigns/workstations/z220_features.html#.UAsJyjEe5tI (See the graphics tab)

Question #14

Your customer is purchasing desktop computers for a group of power users. They Work
with large data sets and frequently need to have multiple applications running concurrently.
It is important that you help this customer differentiate between HP Desktop PCs and

A. support for multiple displays

B. support for large ECC Memory configurations

C. Intel vPro management technology

D. choice of Microsoft or Linux Operating Systems and their or AMD processors

Reference: (third
paragraph and 4th bulleted point on the page)

Question #15

Which HP Performance Display should you recommend to a customer requires 2560 x
1440 resolutions?

A. ZR 30w

B. ZR 2040w

C. ZR 2440w

D. ZR 2740w

72270-3884471-5163694.html?dnr=1 (overview, first paragraph)