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EMC E20-385 Dumps

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Data Domain Specialist for Implementation Engineers
Data Domain Specialist for Implementation Engineers


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Questions & Answers for EMC E20-385

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Question #1

Which EMC Data Domain system feature requires a license?

A. Encryption

B. Snapshots

C. Fastcopy

D. Cleaning

Question #2

What is a component of Data Domain Data Invulnerability Architecture that protects against
data loss?

A. Fault avoidance

B. Encryption

C. System sanitization

D. Snapshots

Question #3

Which operation uses the fastcopy command?

A. Copying data from a media server to a Data Domain system

B. Copying data from a Data Domain system to a NetBackup Media Server

C. Copying data from a directory to a snapshot

D. Copying data from a snapshot to a directory

Question #4

Where is data that is written to an EMC Data Domain Archiver system initially stored?

A. Active Tier

B. Active Volume

C. Archive Volume

D. Archive Tier

Question #5

What is an advantage of inline deduplication over post-process deduplication?

A. Reduced time to disaster recovery readiness when replicating

B. Disk cache tier ensures consistent write speed

C. Increased deduplication from the use of variable segment sizes

D. Write speed is increased by the number of disk spindles

Question #6

A customer has an IBM Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM) environment with multiple EMC
Data Domain systems. Backups are stored on Data Domain system A and replicated to
Data Domain system B. The Tape Library contains a copy pool.
Based on the exhibit,

how many copies of the data must the TSM server database track at the primary site?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 4

Question #7

A customer has two EMC Data Domain systems deployed with a collection replication
configuration. Based on best practices, what should be configured if the customer has less
than 6 Mb/s throughput between the installation sites?

A. Low bandwidth optimization

B. Gz compression

C. Initial replication seeding

D. Bi-directional replication

Question #8

An organization has 3000 GB of file system data with a daily change rate of 10%. Assume
the first backup reduces by a factor of 3 (3x), daily incremental backups reduce by a factor
of 10 (10x), and subsequent full backups reduce by a factor of 30 (30x). Required retention
is 10 weeks (1 weekly full/6 daily incrementals) and system utilization cannot exceed 50%
of available capacity.
What is the minimum EMC Data Domain storage required?

A. 2800 GB

B. 3800 GB

C. 5600 GB

D. 7600 GB

Question #9

A customer is implementing an EMC Data Domain system over CIFS using EMC
NetWorker. How would the Data Domain system be configured on the backup server?

A. Storage unit

B. adv_file device

C. Jukebox

D. Backup-to-disk folder

Question #10

When looking at the output from system show performance as illustrated in the exhibit,

what is represented by the value 26.7?

A. Global compression over 1 minute

B. Gz compression over 1 minute

C. Global compression over 1 hour

D. Gz compression over 1 hour

Question #11

As illustrated in the exhibit,

which cable connects one EMC Data Domain ES20 expansion shelf to another ES20
expansion shelf?

A. A

B. B

C. C

D. D

Question #12

Which interface is used for the initial access and configuration of an EMC Data Domain

A. KVM ports or serial console

B. Onboard eth0a as factory configured IP using Telnet

C. IPMI management port

D. Onboard eth0b as factory configured IP using SSH or HTTP

Question #13

A customer is looking for a solution to backup their 20 TB of image and video data on a
Microsoft Windows server. The data has a high change rate and 3-day retention period.
The customer can use either Fibre Channel or Ethernet for backups.
Which EMC Data Domain configuration would best fit the customer's requirement?

A. Data Domain is not a viable solution

B. Data Domain system using CIFS

C. Data Domain system using VTL

D. Data Domain system using DD Boost

Question #14

When using the EMC Data Domain Virtual Tape Library software option, which backup
software operation allows space to be reclaimed on a Data Domain system?

A. Relabeling tapes

B. Exporting tapes

C. Vaulting tapes

D. Importing tapes

Question #15

What is the correct sequence of steps for powering up an EMC Data Domain system with
an expansion shelf?