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Question No : 1

Refer to the exhibit.
EMC E20-260 question 1
Which VPLEX configuration is shown?

A. VPLEX Metro/GEO dual engine
B. VPLEX Local quad engine
C. VPLEX Metro/GEO quad engine
D. VPLEX Local dual engine

Question No : 2

Refer to the exhibit.
EMC E20-260 question 2
You are preparing to perform an upgrade on an unconfigured VPLEX Metro. When you run
the ndu pre-check command, it indicates that it has failed and there are no first upgraders.
In your troubleshooting, you run the version -a command.
Based on the output, what is the reason for the failure?

A. health-check --full was not run
B. Directors are at incompatible code levels
C. ndu pre-check --force flag was not used
D. Directors are not connected.

Question No : 3

Refer to the exhibit.
EMC E20-260 question 3
Which VPLEX configuration is shown?

A. VPLEX Metro/GEO dual engine
B. VPLEX Local quad engine
C. VPLEX Metro/GEO quad engine
D. VPLEX Local dual engine

Question No : 4

What is the total number of available engines in the smallest VPLEX Metro configuration?

A. 2
B. 1
C. 8
D. 4

Question No : 5

What is the recommended protection to be used when creating a VPLEX Logging Volume?

B. Raid-C
D. Mapping

Question No : 6

Where is the wwn-seed physically located on VS2 engines?

A. On the back of the engine on the bottom of the chassis
B. On the front of the management server
C. On the front of the director
D. On the front of the director bezel cover

Question No : 7

Refer to the exhibit.
EMC E20-260 question 7
After a power disruption of 20 seconds in a VPLEX environment, the output of the "vault
status" command shows no vaulting processes.
Why did this occur?

A. The cache vaulting did not exceed the timer period.
B. It is the expected output, because the command "vault status" doesn't show information on cache process at all.
C. Cache vaulting process has already completed.
D. Cache vaulting process is still running in background and it is not shown until completed.

Question No : 8

Refer to the exhibit.
EMC E20-260 question 8
You have created a Distributed Device in a VPLEX Metro system. Which VPLEX Object
can be placed in a Storage View for Cluster-1?

A. DD_8_3_vol
B. DD_8_32012Nov26_183659
C. Symm0841_03A7
D. extent_Symm0841_03A7_1

Question No : 9

A customer has ordered a new VPLEX, and you are on site doing the initial installation.
When creating metadata volumes for the VPLEX Local configuration, the customer asks
you how much total storage is needed for the VPLEX metadata. According to EMC best
practices, what is the total minimum storage needed for this configuration?

A. 10 GB
B. 312 GB
C. 156 GB
D. 234 GB

Question No : 10

You have added a new storage array into VPLEX, but it does not see it. Which VPLEX
command will display the new storage array?

A. vplexcli./clusters/cluster-<Cluster ID>/storage-elements/storage-arrays/array re-discover
B. vplexcli:/array claim -s
C. vplexcli:/clusters/cluster-<Cluster ID>//storage-elements/storage-arrays>array used-by- array
D. vplexcli:/connectivity validate-be

Question No : 11

In a VPLEX Metro with Witness, which command returns the remote VPLEX management
IP address and the witness public IP address?

A. shell command sudo /usr/sbin/ipsec status
B. vplexcli command cluster status
C. shell command /sbin/ifconfig
D. vplexcli command VPlexadmin show

Question No : 12

Which vplexcli command will ensure that the directors SSD firmware has been upgraded to
the correct version after the VPLEX NDU ?

A. director firmware show-banks
C. version -a --verbose
D. ll /**/internal-disks/*

Question No : 13

Refer to the exhibit.
EMC E20-260 question 13
Which two volumes should be used to complete the displayed command?

A. B and C
B. A and B
C. D and F
D. D and E

Question No : 14

Refer to the exhibit.
EMC E20-260 question 14
After 6 months of operation, you are monitoring the health of the VPLEX system from the
Unisphere Manager for VPLEX.
What is the most likely reason for a state change of the VPLEX Witness?

A. TheESXi host was rebooted.
B. The WAN switch ports failed.
C. The Management Server was restarted.
D. TheMetaVolume was restored.

Question No : 15

Refer to the exhibit.
EMC E20-260 question 15
What is the function of the two highlighted VPLEX VS2 modules?

A. Back-end connectivity
B. Front-end connectivity
C. WAN-COM connectivity
D. Local-COM connectivity

Question No : 16

What is the EMC best practice for the optimum number of active back-end storage paths
per director for each LUN presented to VPLEX?

A. 4 paths
B. 2 paths
C. 8 paths
D. 16 paths

Question No : 17

You created a synchronous consistency group, which contains two distributed volumes
configured with the rule "set cluster-1-detaches".
What is the expected behavior of the virtual volumes in the event of a WAN-COM failure?

A. cluster-2 is declared the winner after 5 seconds and I/O will continue at that cluster.
B. I/O will continue at both clusters.
C. I/O will be suspended at both clusters until the WAN-COM is repaired.
D. cluster-1 is declared the winner after 5 seconds and I/O will continue at that cluster.

Question No : 18

Do virtual volumes need to be taken off-line prior to upgrading VPLEX software, and why or
why not?

A. Yes, to preserve data integrity
B. Yes, because the host-based multi-pathing software provides direct access during the upgrade
C. No, because VPLEX software can be upgraded non-disruptively
D. No, because the upgrading can be undone

Question No : 19

Which unique logical identifier is used when determining the relationship between a virtual
volume and the back-end storage array?


Question No : 20

What is a key advantage of integrating VPLEX into a VMware environment?

A. If VM data is shared across arrays or across data centers it becomes problematic, VPLEX solves these problems.
B. Without VPLEX, Motion can only migrate to other disks within the same array.
C. VMware HA can only replicate across data centers to same-type arrays. VPLEX allows data stores to live on any array-type.
D. Without VPLEX, all of an ESX server's data must reside on the same array.

Showing 1-20 of 210 Questions   (Page 1 out of 11)

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