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IBM C4030-670 Dumps

IBM Systems Networking Technical Support V1
IBM Systems Networking Technical Support V1

Questions & Answers for IBM C4030-670

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Question #1

Which of the following competitors offers 16-way Intel Xeon server?


B. Dell

C. Unisys

D. Microsoft

Question #2

An xSeries Sales Specialist is planning to explain the benefits of IBM's
X-Architecture to a customer, particularly as it relates tomemory. Which of the
following best describes Memory ProteXion?

A. Protects memory from excessive page faults

B. Feature that enables the use of spare bits similar to a hard disk drive hot spare

C. Feature that allows multiple errors to be corrected usinga proprietary IBM Memory

D. Memory protection analogous to what RAID-1 disk mirroring does for hard disk drives

Question #3

In an IBM eServer x445 8-way configuration with 32 GB of memory, what is the
maximum number of DIMM slots that can remainempty for future expansion?

A. 0

B. 8

C. 16

D. 32

Question #4

A customer named Your Company informed their xSeries salesspecialist that they
have just recovered from a critical server failure which resulted in a significant loss
of revenue and is unacceptable .which of the following topics should the sales
specialist plan to discuss with the customer?

A. Clustering

B. IBM eServer zSeries

C. Migration to Linux to reduce costs

D. Migration to Microsoft Windows Datacenter for improved availability

Question #5

A customer named Your Company tells their xSeries Sales Specialist that they
want'one stop shopping' for their servers and options. The customer is about to
purchase two IBM eServer x235 servers with internal LTO tape drives. Which of
the following should the Sales Specialist add to the x235 proposal?

A. LTO tape media

B. Tower to rack kits

C. Redundant ServerRAID-61 cards

D. VXA tape drive option

Question #6

Which of the following are advantages of using the IBM eServer BladeCenter
architecture overrack-optimized servers?
I Internal storage capacity
II Memory density
III Adopter slots
IV Processor density

A. I and IV

B. II and III

C. II and IV

D. III and IV

Question #7

A customer named Your Company hasasked the xSeries Sales Specialist for a
proposal that meets the following requirements.
- Rack mounted server
- Dual Processors
- Redundant Power Supplies
Which of the following solutions best meets these requirements

A. IBM eServer x345 with ServerRaid 6i

B. IBM eServer x335 with ServerRAID 4Lx

C. IBM eServer x335 with ServerRAID 4Mx

D. IBM eServer x205 with ServerRAID 4Mx

Question #8

At the customer's maximum required configuration of a 16-way IBM eServer x445
with Dual HBA's and five 1GB dual port Ethernet connections, how many PCI slots
will be available for expansion?

A. 0

B. 1

C. 5

D. 9

Question #9

At the pre-install planning meeting with a customer, who is planning to install
several IBM eServer x445's, which of the following planning topics should the
xSeries Sales Specialist be sure to point out?

A. Each IBM eServer x445 will require dual 110V power sources.

B. The IBM eServer x445 supports both 3.3V and 5V PCI adapters.

C. Software support is not provided automatically with serverpurchase.

D. The IBM eServer x445 comes with a 12-month on-site warranty with 24 x 7 x 4 on-site response.

Question #10

A customer named Your Company informs an xSeries SalesSpecialist that they are
entertaining a "Blade" solution from one of the Sales Specialist's competitors. The
only information the customer is willing to share is that the competitor offers 96
processors per rack. Based on his competitive knowledge, whichtwo of the following
IBM eServer BladeCenter benefits should the Sales Specialist emphasize?

A. Redundant power

B. Chipkill Memory

C. IA-64 Processors

D. Processor density

E. Use of intel Xeon Processors

Question #11

A petroleum industry customer needs a High Performance Computing Linux-based
cluster for conducting seismic analysis. Which of the followingIBM Servers Should
the Xseries Sales Specialist recommend and why?

A. IBM Eserver x445, Linux scales well above eight processors

B. IBM eServer x450, 64-bit performanceis an absolute "MUST" for High Performance Computing, and most customers prefer 4-way server for their performance advantages

C. IBM eServer BladeCenter, IBM eServer x335, or IBM eServer 325, cost and maximum performance per rack density are the customer's primary considerations

D. IBM Eserver pSeries, the IBM eServer xSeries family will notcompete well in High Performance Computing environments

Question #12

Which of the following is included in IBM TechLine'sresponsibilities?

A. Special Bid Pricing

B. Try & Buy or Loaner Request

C. Comparative Information for Dell, HPQ, EMC

D. IBM TotalStorage FAStT Configuration Assistance

Question #13

A customer named Your Company is looking for a 64-bit platform to implement
Microsoft internet information. Server 6, and has approached an xSeriesSales
Specialist to see if IBM can provide a solution. Which of the following is the best
way for the Sales Specialist to respond to the customer?

A. "IBM can provide a development server for you to test."

B. "IBM is currently researching this type of technology."

C. "IBM has 64-bit servers which will support this application."

D. "IBM offers a third-party 64-bit solution for customers to use."

Question #14

A customer named Your Company has committed to roll out IBM servers to their
retail stores. The customer requires the IBM hardware solution to include the
.Integration of a third-party option into the servers
. loading of their image on each server
. testing of each server
. delivery to each of 100 store locations
. on-site setup and skill transfer assistance at each store
The customer informed the xSeries Sales Specialist that the timetable has advanced
and they need to begin the roll-out in 21 days. The customer has just completed
their image and identified the third-party option, which is not in the IBM
third-party option catalog. Based on these requirements, which of the following
route to market alternatives should the Sales Specialist choose to source these

A. Have IBM Direct provide a project manager to handle the complex roll-out

B. Have IBM Direct handle the complex roll-out scenario, addressing the third-party options and tight schedules

C. Have the Business Partner solely handle these requirements, the IBM Sales Representative won't need to stay involved

D. Have the Business Partner respond to the complex requirements, specially the need for on-site set-up assistance and training

Question #15

Which of the following customer requirements for consolidation will most likely
lead to the sale VMware on the IBM Eserver x445?

A. UNIX servers

B. Desktop clients

C. Production servers

D. Development servers