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IBM C2090-420 Exam - IBM InfoSphere MDM Server v9.0

Questions & Answers for IBM C2090-420

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Question #1 - Topic 1

Which two statements are true regarding Java composite business proxies?(Choose two.)

A. They use RMI or Web Services to call MDM functions.

B. They are custom built Java code that execute custom logic and can call MDM transactions.

C. They can be written in Java or ILOG.

D. The base implementation class for a business proxy is com.dwl.base.requesthandler.DWLTxnBP.

Question #2 - Topic 1

Without any customizations, which statement is true about an account business entity and
adding a new account into the InfoSphere MDM Server database?

A. An account can only be based on one product.

B. An account can contain only one TermCondition object that describes the term and condition of an agreement.

C. When adding a new account, the TCRMContractBObj business object can be used to provide account details and one single TCRMContractBObj can only contain one TCRMContractComponetBObj business object.

D. Use the addContract service as a coarse-grained transaction, only one new party can be added into the database as part of an addContract request message.

Question #3 - Topic 1

Regarding InfoSphere MDM Server behavior extensions, which statement is correct?

A. MDM Action Events are called when a nominated transaction like addAddress is called by a coarse grained transaction like addPerson.

B. MDM Action Events are used for actions such as “search”.

C. MDM Transaction Events are used for transactions such as “search” and “get”.

D. MDM Transaction Events are called when a nominated transactilon like addAddress is called by a coarse grained transaction like addPerson.

Question #4 - Topic 1

You use the InfoSphere MDM Server Workbench to define a new code table named
CreaditApplicarionStatus Type with database table cdcreditappstatustp containing two
The two fields are appl_status_tp_cd and appl_status_name which are the type code
and value respectively.
What will constitute the primary key of the database table cdcreditappstatustp?

A. lang_tp_cd and appl_status_name

B. lang_tp_cd and appl_status_tp_cd

C. appl_status_tp_cd

D. appl_status_tp_cd and appl_status_name

Question #5 - Topic 1

A customer wants to implement a new search transaction (searchbyZipCode) at the
controller component level. This is implemented by associating a finder class to this
transaction. This finder class contains the business logic to search for all party details that
match the zip code supplied in the input request by a direct SQL statement call.
What are two steps necessary to implement this customization?(Choose two.)

A. Assign a name for this transaction, e.g, searchByZipCodemodify the OOTB request XML to reflect the required structure for input for the search parameter by changing the appropriate search transaction.

B. Ensure that the MDM extension framework is disabled (enabled=false).

C. Register the transaction name searchByZipCode?in the CDBUSINESSTXTP table.

D. Register the new transaction name searchByZipCode?within the files.

Question #6 - Topic 1

A client customer business keys by overwriting InfoSphere MDM Server default business
keys and creates business proxies to detect which MDM existing transactions (add or
update) are needed in the composite transactions.
Which invocation method would be used in composite transactions to ensure that the
business entities match?

A. DWLCommon.validateBusinessKey()

B. DWLCommon.isBusinessKeySame()

C. DWLCommon.CompareElementValue()

D. DWLCommon.isEntityBusinessKeySame()

Question #7 - Topic 1

Which three tables are used by the InfoSphere MDM Server external validation service for
configuring field level external validation? (Choose three.)






Question #8 - Topic 1

The search framework supports the dynamic creation of an SQL statement based on the
search business object.
What are three important steps in the creation at a dynamic query? (Choose three.)

A. Create an ordered collection of CriterionElements, which represent the SQL criteria.

B. The SELECT column list must depend on (correlate to) the input parameters.

C. Create an instance of the appropriate search input class by passing in the search business object.

D. Create an instance of SearchSQL, using the SQL statement, criterion elements, and the search result set processor.

E. Use the default search result set processor class to handle the list of criteria columns.

Question #9 - Topic 1

You created an InfoSphere MDM Server data extension for the Person data entity whert
the extended data elements are within the same MDM out-of-the-box PERSON table. One
of the extended elements for the Person data extension is called XMarketingIndicator. The
Compound triggers are implemented within the InfoSphere MDM Server application.
What is the expected result in the H_PERSON audit table when a new record with a value
in the XMarketingIndicator field is populated in the PERSON table?

A. One record is populated in the H_PERSON table with the Action Code of “l”.

B. One record is populated in the H_PERSON table with the Action Code of “U”.

C. Two records are populated in the H_PERSON table; one with the Action Code of “l” and the other with “U”.

D. Two records are populated in the H_PERSON table; both with the Action Code of “l”.

Question #10 - Topic 1

The Search implementation in InfoSphere MDM Server uses the search framework and
provides the ability to customize the Search feature, so clients can write their own SQL
statements to execute searches. A company has required an MDM developer to add a
search by zip code, which requires customizing the search, as this is not one of the
standard out-of-the-box provided search fields.

A. Use the dynamic SQL creation feature in the search framework which will construct SQL dynamically based on the search criteria.

B. Customize the default SQL code contained in the parent searchParty service.

C. Add a new pre-written SQL query.

D. Use the Administration UI to design the SQL query and response.

Question #11 - Topic 1

Inquiry level 101 has been defined for Person BObj and the cumulative indicator for me
inquiry level is set to Y.
Which child business objects will be retrieved from the database?

A. all child business objects included in Inquiry Level 101 plus all child business objects included in all lower inquiry levels 0-101

B. all child business objects included in Inquiry Level 101 only

C. all child business objects included in Inquiry Level 101 plus all child business objects included in Inquiry Level 100

D. all child business objects of Person Bobj

Question #12 - Topic 1

Click the Exhibit button.
<soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv=
g/200 1/XMLSchema
<faultstring> WSEC5048E: One of
SOAP Header elements required.</faultstring>
<detail encodingStyle=/>
You have set up an InfoSphere MDM Server development environmet using a test
WebSphere Application Server and locally installed DB2. The WebSphere Application
Server security is not enabled. You run the adperson Web service and receive the
response shown in the exhibit.
Which step is required to allow the Web service request to succeed?

A. Set the configuration setting/IBM/DWLCommonServices/Security/enabled to false.

B. Redeploy the party Web service module with security disabled.

C. Run Prepare for Deployment on the MDM application.

D. Use the correct user ID and password in the request.

Question #13 - Topic 1

The InfoSphere MDM Server core components are organized into a set of modules based
on business function. Each module is made up of controller components and business
component are facades that provide an object interface for the services and aggregate
underlying business components and provide a means for the business components to
collaborate together to carry out services.
What are the two types of controllers? (Choose two.)

A. Transaction controllers, which are stateless session beans that contain transactional services.

B. Finder controllers, which are Java objects that contain inquiry services.

C. Processing controllers that contain processing services.

D. Search Controllers, which are Java objects that contain search services.

Question #14 - Topic 1

Without any customization, which entitys physical record can be shared across many





Question #15 - Topic 1

If the MandatorySearchDone field of the TCRMPartyBObj is set to Y and an A2 suspect is
found during an addParty, which two actions occur?(Choose two.)

A. The source party is returned in the response.

B. The suspect parties are returned in the response.

C. The source party is not added to the database.

D. The source party is added to the database.


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