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IBM C2070-580 Dumps

IBM Case Manager V5.0
IBM Case Manager V5.0

Questions & Answers for IBM C2070-580

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Question #1

How are complex data flows requiring complex data structures between backend systems
integrated into IBMCase Manager?

A. You can define complex business objects in Case Builder to provide complex data flows between web services within any process fragment

B. Complex interactions between Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) components are modeled in WebSphere Integration Developer and then mapped to a task in an IBM Case Manager solution

C. Case Builder and the P8 Process Designer support round tripping in order to define how Tasks map to SOA services by using industry standard Service Component Architecture (SCA) bindings

D. The P8 Process Designer has been enhanced to provide complex data mediation and business object mapping capabilities when orchestrating transactions amongst backend systems via web services

Question #2

A Which of the following statements is true when working with a Case Manager solution in
a development environment?

A. Use Case Manager Builder to deploy the solution

B. Use Case Manager Administrator Client to deploy the solution

C. Use FileNet Enterprise Manager to copy the solution from design object store to the target object store

D. Use FileNet Deployment Manager to copy the solution from design object store to the target object store

Question #3

What is the recommended way to add a new Work Detail page?

A. Add the page in Case Builder by duplicating another page

B. Add the page in Case Client and customize with newfunctionality

C. Create the new page in Case Manager client and then associate it in Case Builder

D. Create the new page in Case Manager client by duplicating a page and then associate it in Case Builder

Question #4

Which of the following is NOT a description of IBM Case Manager Builder?

A. It is based on Dojotechnology

B. Allows business analysts to build case management solutions

C. Allows business analysts to design and deploy case management solutions

D. Allows business analysts to transfer a solution from the development domain to a second development or production domain

Question #5

Which statement is correct when describing the relationship between steps and roles vs.
steps and workgroups?

A. Any member of a role can perform the work at any task step assigned to the role

B. The users or groups in the workgroup are defined at design time in the IBM Case Builder

C. Ifmore than one user is assigned to a workgroup only one user needs to complete the step

D. Steps in a role lane must be performed by every user assigned to the role before step completion

Question #6

Which of the following isNOT available when using P8 eForms in Case Manager
applications through the Case eForm Widget?

A. Signature Fields

B. Multiple tabbed-page view

C. Embedded scripts and calculations

D. Creation of high-resolution PDF copies

Question #7

The Case Information Widget has a history panel that displays a list of recorded events for
the cases, documents, tasks, folders and comments. Which two of the following are true for
task history? (Choose two)

A. Event history of a task reassignment is allowed

B. Event history of a change to a custom property on a task is not allowed

C. Event history is automatically logged when a task state has changed, a task is added, a task is deleted, or a task is modified.

D. Task event history can be added, modified, or disabled by changing the Audit Definitions on the Content Engine CmAcmCaseTask object

E. Event history is automatically logged for a task state change from working to completed as part of base ACM product and cannot be disabled or modified.

Question #8

WhichContent Engine events must a case property be audited for before it can be exposed
to the Case Analyzer?

A. Creation Event, Deletion Event, Update Event

B. Change State Event, File Event, Update Event

C. Creation Event, Deletion Event, Checkin Event

D. Change State Event, Creation Event, Delete Event

Question #9

How can you model the directing of work to case workers? (Choose two)

A. You associate roles with steps in the Step Editor

B. You associate roles with Case Tasks in Case Builder

C. You specify workgroups as a property of a Case Task

D. You associate workgroups with steps in the Step Editor

E. You can assign a specific user to a step in the Step Editor

Question #10

Inthe development environment target object store, which tool(s) should be used to to add
non-case management assets, such as search templates and form templates?

A. Only Solution Assistant

B. Only Workplace, and/or Workplace XT

C. Only EnterpriseManager, and/or Workplace

D. Enterprise Manager, Workplace, and/or Workplace XT

Question #11

Your case management solution requires case workers to have a view of information
managed in a system external to IBM Case Manager and P8. Howdo you integrate such a
view into the IBM Case Manager case worker's environment?

A. Use an IBM Forms Widget

B. Use the Case Data Widget

C. Extend the Case Information Widget

D. Integrate a mashup widget that displays the external system information

Question #12

Which of the following components provide access to IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules
Business Rules Management System (BRMS)?

A. Case Builder

B. Case Manager Client

C. FileNet Process Designer

D. Case Manager Administration Client

Question #13

What can IBM Content Analytics be used for? (Choose two)

A. Reporting on cases and tasks that are currently active

B. See which words andphrases occur frequently in many cases

C. Discover unexpected correlations between words and phrases

D. Get data on the average time to complete business tasks during a specific time interval

E. Review volume, find and eliminate bottlenecks and ensure that operations are working efficiently and effectively

Question #14

With the integration of IBM Case Monitor andIBM Cognos Real-time Monitoring, what are
two of the events you can monitor? (Choose two)

A. The average number of closed cases

B. The average age of active cases and tasks

C. The number of incoming cases for a time period

D. The average time that tasks spend in each state

E. The number of completed workflows on Process Engine

Question #15

Which two statements are correct about a design object store? (Choose two)

A. Contains a solution package ofeach solution

B. Solutions are deployed and tested in the design object store

C. A design object store is not allowed in a production environment

D. Each Case Manager/P8 Domain allows one or more design object store

E. Each Case Manager/P8 Domain allows one (and only one) design object store