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IBM C2020-703 Exam - IBM Cognos TM1 10.1 Administrator

Questions & Answers for IBM C2020-703

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Question #1

Which two statements are true regarding TM1 Bulk Load Mode? (Choose two.)

A. No new user connections are allowed after Bulk Load Mode is initiated.

B. Bulk Load Mode can be initiated through TM1 Rules.

C. Bulk Load Mode can be initiated through the TM1 Operations Console.

D. Bulk Load Mode can be initiated through TM1 TurboIntegrator.

Question #2

Which two monitoring tools would provide statistics about the TM1 Server? (Choose two.)

A. TM1 PerfMon utility

B. TM1 Transaction log

C. TM1 Stats control cubes

D. TM1 trace feeder utility

Question #3

As a TM1 administrator, you need to find out which element has been deleted from the
Product Dimension. All of the log files have been switched on.
Which log file would you review to see the details of the changes?

A. Admin Server log

B. Transactions log

C. Server Message log

D. Audit log

Question #4

Whichthree statements are true about persistent feeders when they are enabled on a TM1
Server? (Choose three.)

A. The feeders are stored alongside the cube data in a .feeders file,

B. Memory size is affected by persistent feeders.

C. Using the Persistent Feeders feature will increase the system size on disk.

D. Saved feeders are loaded during server startup

E. Query performance is improved.

Question #5

When configuring IBM Cognos TM1 applications, which IntegratedSecurityMode
parametersettings are permitted?

A. Only mode 1

B. Modes 1 or 5

C. Modes 4 or 5

D. Only mode 5

Question #6

Your enterprise customer would like to implement load-balancing to the largest extent
possible. The customer asksyou as the TM1 administrator, to make recommendations on
load-balancing regarding TM1.
Based on TM1 best practices, what do you tell the customer?

A. Load balance only the TM1 data server.

B. Load balance only the TM1 Web server.

C. Load balance both theTM1 data server and the TM1 Web server.

D. Load balance neither the TM1 data server nor the TM1 Web server.

Question #7

Click the Exhibit button.

Users receive the error message shown in the exhibit when connecting to TM1 Web using
CAM Security.
How would you resolve this?

A. Enter the TM1 WebURL in the TM1s.cfgfile.

B. Enter the TM1 Server Name in the web.config file.

C. Enter the TM1 Web URL inthe variables_TM1 .xml file.

D. Enter the TM1 Web URL in the IBM Cognos Configuration.

Question #8

You want to upgrade from TM1 9.5.2 to TM1 10.1. You stop the TM1 9.5.2 services, back
up the TM1 data directory,and uninstall TM1 9.5.2 and install TM1 10.1.
Which action must be performed before starting the TM1 10.1 server?

A. Clear all cubes.

B. Point the 10.1 TM1 Server to the old 9.5.2 TM1 directory.

C. Re-import the dimensions.

D. Copy the old 9.5.2 TM1directory to the SAN.

Question #9

What are three features of the TM1 OperationsConsole? (Choose three.)

A. Adding new groups

B. Monitoring multiple TM1 servers

C. Scheduled logging to monitor activity offline

D. Instant feedback on the current state of servers

E. Saving data to disks

Question #10

Which two would cause the autogeneration of a rule when itis created in Performance
Modeler? (Choose two.)

A. Process

B. Dimension Calculations

C. Link

D. Application

Question #11

A customer will be using TM1 Applicationsand wants to integrate with their current BI
server for authentication.
Which security mode setting should they set in their tm1s.cfg file for the
IntegratedSecuirtyMode parameter?

A. 5

B. 4

C. 3

D. 2

Question #12

You are designing aTM1 application that will be deployed to over a hundred contributors
who are scatteredacross the globe. Performance and a zero footprint on the user's desktop
are important requirements.
Which TM1 interface should you use?

A. TM1 Excel workbooks deployed using the TM1 Excel Add-in

B. TM1 Cube View deployed through Server Explorer or TM1Performance Modeler

C. Cognos Insight

D. TM1 Web Views deployed through TM1 Web

Question #13

You want to create documentation which is stored on the TM1 Server. You need to createa
cube in which you can hold user entered text comments on all processes on the TM1
Which two dimensions would you use? (Choose two.)

A. The \}Processes control dimension

B. A dimension with a string item

C. \}ConnectionProperties controldimension

D. The \}PerfCubes control dimension

Question #14

A company has TM1 production servers scattered across the globe. The North American
server contains the base data that is used by all servers globally. The source data for the
North American TM1 Serverresides locally and is updated using an ODBC connection.
What is the optimal TM1 method for keeping the base data in the global TM1 servers
consistent with the base data in the North American TM1 Server?

A. Send copies of the TM1 log files from the North American server to the administrator of each global TM1 server and have them process it against their local TM1 Server.

B. Have a compressed copy of the North American production TM1 Server's data directory sent to the other global locations using FTP and restore this data onto each local TM1 Server.

C. Set up an ODBC connection to the North American production source data on each of the TM1 servers across the globe and run TurboIntegrator processes to update the global TM1 servers.

D. Set up a replication and synchronization nightly chore between the TM1 servers across the globe and the TM1 Server in North America.

Question #15

The IntegratedSecurityMode, ServerName, and DataBase directory parameters would be
found in which file?

A. tm1p.ini

B. tm1s.cfg

C. web.config

D. tm1admsiv.ini

A user of the TM1 Server that you administer wants to update data for a cube, but prevent
all other users from editing the data.
Which rights should you apply to the cube for the user group to which this user belongs?
A. Reserve
B. Lock
C. Read
D. None
Answer: A


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